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"Gospel to the World" (Acts 1:8) . . . The Vision and the 22 Years of Race

Hallelujah! Atlanta Bible School and Seminary was established in 1991, with the statement of "Gospel to the World."

For the last 22 years, the school has seen many difficulties and challenges on the road. However, God has helped us every moment of our journey and led us to stand firm and guided us to the right path to do the work for Him continuously.

In order to help the servants of God grow spiritually for the harvest of the Last Days, Atlanta Bible School and Seminary is striving to help God's servants to develop a well-balanced sound spirituality with power of apostles. We also do our best to help our students become well-rounded powerful servants of God based on the Bible.

In 2002, our school extended to a career training school, Atlanta General Education Center (AGEC), to meet the needs in this fast changing, dynamic world. The primary purpose of AGEC is to equip and commission people from all over the world as vocational missionaries with special skills. AGEC as a GNPEC approved school offers medical training courses such as Phlebotomy, Patient Care Technician, Certified Nurse Aide, and Medical Assistant, etc. and vocational training courses such as Church Music, Christian Education, Fashion Design, and Alteration Class. Through these classes, graduates can acquire the skills that the world is looking for and achieve their life's dream. Furthermore, they can be a vocational missionary where ever they are, and fulfill God's great commission.

Presently, our school works together with partner groups to help our students better. We try to open the broader door for our students to get their jobs and opportunities. Through Loving Hands Private Home Care, Inc. our graduates can find their dream jobs, and through Loving Hands Personal Care Home, Inc, they can start their own personal care home business with incredible supports such as finding the right house, remodeling the house for personal care home, getting the state license, training the staffs, and assist on whole management process. Through Tabita, Inc., they can get all the support from the very beginning stage of setting up an alteration shop, or home fashion or fashion design shop.

We have trained hundreds of students and helped them to start their life-changing careers, and live blessed lives. I hope to continue to do the good work and to equip and commission vocationally trained special missionaries regardless of race, color, and nationality to the world to fulfill God's great commission. I thank all of our graduates and students who are currently enrolled for their dedication and participation in God's work. God bless!

Gospel to the World (Acts 1:8)
Ph.D., Ed.D.
President Paul Min


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