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About Atlanta General Education Center
Atlanta General Education Center (AGEC) is located in Atlanta, Georgia where the 1996 Summer Olympic was held. Since AGEC was started as a Bible College & Seminary (World Mission Training Center) under the slogan of ��Gospel to the World�� in 1991, the school has grown steadily and helped hundreds of graduates to do God��s work in various fields all over the world. In 2002, AGEC was established as a vocational training school, and has offered medical courses and vocational training courses that are very demanding even in this challenging economy. Through those courses, AGEC has helped many main stream Americans and new immigrants to live a better life. The school also offers language classes for new immigrants to help them to settle faster and easier in this country. To help graduates get their jobs or start their own businesses, AGEC works closely with three companies which are: Loving Hands Private Home Care, Inc., Loving Hands Personal Care Home Inc., and Tabita, Inc. (a franchise for a home fashion and alteration business). The school and its partners are fully behind from the very beginning stage of their new business and with them every step of the whole process. AGEC is also the SEVIS I-20, M visa issuing school. The school is trying to reach more people from other countries and help them to fulfill their life��s dream in this foreign land. The staff and instructors from multi cultural backgrounds have helped 1500 of graduates from all over the world since the school was established. AGEC will continue to work helping and equipping people to achieve their successful life��s goal.

Atlanta General Education Center
and Partner Group
*Bible College & Seminary
*Loving Hands Private Care, Inc.
*Loving Hands Personal Care Home, Inc.
*Tabita, Inc.
*Mission Construction, Inc.
*Nissi Law Firm


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